Hawksyard Priory Church 

We always love working with business’s and all kinds of clients around the UK but this was something else. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Reverend John Lycett to create a video that shows off the beauty that is the Hawksyard Priory Church for its global followers.

KKL Logging & Penny Hydraulics Review

Our clients and friends over at the amazing Penny Hydraulics HQ invited us to capture the amazing reaction of recent client. The team always loves working with the guys from PH, and this time we had the honour of working with Keith Roberts the owner of a small logging company ‘KKL Logging’

1966 Mk1 Ford Cortina GT


What an absolute honour it was to work with this absolutely stunning, track ready 1966 Mk1 Cortina GT! Owned by a loving family, it was our pleasure to create a video showing off just how beautiful this classic is! With crazy cinematic drone shots and fast paced POV shots, this video definitely turned out as cinematic as we hoped.


Ford Capri 2.8i Injection (Client Video)


We recently had the pleasure of working with a client who owns this completely original and absolutely beautiful Ford Capri 2.8i Injection to create what we think is a pretty awesome showcase video. Using multiple rigs and and high quality equipment we think it’s definitely safe to say that the client was over the moon with the finished product!


Audi TT (Client Video)


The TCS team was honored to work with yet another amazing client with the intention of creating a stylish and cinematic short video showcasing their stunning Audi TT Coupe Black Edition. The team created contrast by shooting the modern and sleek sports car through a dark and open woodland area.

The video, shot in only a few hours, clearly shows off the modern aero dynamic lines of the car and we’re definitely happy with how it turned out!


Penny Hydraulics Site Promotional video


Drones, Camera’s and rigs! The team traveled up to the Penny Hydraulics HQ with the intent to create something a bit different, and that we did! The team took to using drones, various camera’s and rigs and editing tricks to perfectly showcase the PH site and what the company has to offer!


The ‘Short’ Family Prom 2017


We were tasked with the amazing job of capturing a once in a lifetime event, a high school prom. We worked closely around the family to capture the amazing moments from the start to reaching the destination, preserving the moment in the form of a video.


Penny Hydraulics ’40 Years Of Firsts’ 


An amazing video for an amazing day! Our friends over at Penny Hydraulics tasked us with the job of capturing the companies 40th Anniversary named ’40 Years Of Firsts’ in which clients and friends of PH from around the globe, all came together on the day to show their appreciation for how far the company has came, briefly glossing over its history. With the plaque being passed over by the amazing, former chairman of Barclays Banks, Sir David Walker, the event was captured to be remembered forever.


Wolverhampton University Photography Exhibition


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